What is Clean Coonoor?

The meaning of clean usually refers to removing something unwanted: you clean your hands by washing them, then you can clean some grapes. This word has many meanings related to being pure or empty. Clean Coonoor is a community campaign which strives to help the town have:

  • A clean and safe water supply.
  • A clean and safe ambient air.
  • An efficient system for safe emptying of animal, human, and industrial waste.
  • Clean food free of biological and chemical contaminants.
  • Adequate housing in clean and safe surroundings.

Why Clean Coonoor? Isn’t there a local body which is paid to do the job?

True, Coonoor has been a municipal corporation since 1866, but is presently both understaffed and cash-strapped. The organisational structure of the town is meant for a population about 50,000 individuals, but, tourism with its influx of a large floating population, at times undermines the efficiency of the existing infrastructure. This is why Clean Coonoor steps in to help!

How can I help?

How can I donate?

Each and every donation is so important to Clean Coonoor, so we can invest in creating a better tomorrow for people and nature. We accept donations both in cash and kind. Those who wish to contribute in kind can either call or mail us for our requirements, and those willing to donate in cash, our banking details are as follows:

A/c  No : 201003352954
Branch : COONOOR
IFSC Code : INDB0000182

You can send your cheques to our mailing address as seen in the contact us page. In case you make an online payment, please email the details of payment mode (RTGS / NEFT / IMPS), the name of bank, date of transfer & the amount ; along with your name, mailing address, pan card no (if the payment is Rs. 50,000/- and above ) for your receipt. An audited report of all transactions will be made available at the end of all financial years on the website.

Can I Fundraise for Clean Coonoor and how?

Yes, and there are plenty of ways. Physical events are some of the most popular ways that people raise money for charity, you can either run or organise a marathon. If you are planning a wedding or some similar event you could ask your guests to donate to Clean Coonoor instead of buying gifts. You can remember a loved one who had cared about people and nature, by continuing their legacy. You can do something completely different, have a bake-sale, organise a concert or some similar event. In short whatever you want to do, provided you fundraise at the same time.