Like that most veracious man of Kipling’s poem, ‘Municipal,’ we at Clean Coonoor ‘believe in well-flushed culverts,’ not that we were ever chased into one by an elephant in musth, but for the reason that an efficient storm water drainage is important not only in the aspects concerning health and hygiene, but by also playing a vital role in preventing mishaps such as flooding and landslips.

We have to our credit so far, ten major culverts and three stormwater drain. All were completely blocked through years of neglect, and needed urgent attention. 

Moore’s Garden, the first drain
The Moore’s garden culvert cleaning
The inside of a pipe culvert
The Sim’s Park Drain
District Collector and Municipal Officials inspecting culverts
Machine and muscle power
Removing the block at the inflow

Many more have been identified and are being dealt with in a phased manner. It is hoped that, that soon, the township of Coonoor will have the most efficient stormwater drainage system in the entire district.