The Impact (2024)

Economic & Legal

  • Around 2010 MT of recyclable material recovered from the dry stream and sold to aggregators. The sale amount presently as such covers roughly around 1/3 rd of the operational costs of the resource recovery centre
  • Around 200 metric tonnes of compost produced and sold to small farmers the proceeds of which covers around 1/2 of the operational costs of the composting unit
  • The facility provides job opportunities for 30+ individuals of the local populace, and the undertaking has benefitted daily labourers, transporters, aggregators, and, others involved in the scrap chain
  • Litigation in the National Green Tribunal dropped


  • No leachate, no methane emission and very minimal CO2 production
  • Prevention of around 8,500 metric tons of dry waste & 3,547 metric tons of wet waste of all descriptions from being either openly dumped or interred into landfills. Proper management of such tonnage would amount to savings of over 116 Lac Kgs of CO2 emissions.
  • Promotion of organic farming practices
  • Minimal vector nuisance
  • A marked reduction of Human-Wildlife Conflict

“Very Genuine and excellent work by RRC under PPP mode. Good example from Coonoor as to how SWM can be maintained so cleanly.”

Chairman, Joint Monitoring Committee, National Green Tribunal, Chennai

17 Jul 2021

“…. lovely to see the beautiful flower garden and smiling faces of the workers. A healthy environment is necessary for a healthy life”

Chief Scientist, WHO, Geneva

14 Jun 2022

Our Solid Waste Management Activities have safely disposed 12,000 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste, a savings of 5900 tons of CO2 emissions equivalent as of April 2024

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