We at Clean Coonoor believe that monuments and architectures are reflection of glory of our vibrant past. They show the origin and cultural evolution of our civilisation. Each heritage site has its own value which represents the diversity in culture, art, religion, thoughts etc, and this little town abounds in such ; the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway ; the Church of All Saint’s ; and the Pasteur Institute, being a few notable examples.

The picturesque station of Runnymede on the NMR Line

It is hoped that if people took pride in the township, they would try and keep it clean. To this effect Clean Coonoor holds regular discourses, symposia and the like, and also heritage walks which at times double up as cleanups.

Coonoor was fortunate to have Mr. Christopher Penn from the UK, to give a talk on the history of the town, with the help of photographs taken by his great grandfather, A. T. W. Penn, pioneering photographer of the Nilgiris. Reverend Philip K. Mulley, renowned antiquarian and a personal friend of Mr. Penn also participated in the event.

Talk on the ‘Heritage of Coonoor through Early Photographs,’ by Christopher Penn,