The Need

  • Around 13 MT of Municipal Solid Waste openly dumped on a daily basis at the area earmarked for a Waste Management Facility.
  • No attempt at establishment of either a Resource Recovery Centre for dealing with dry waste or a Composting Unit for wet waste.
  • Disposal of waste dependent on rag pickers and itinerant scrap dealers.
  • A resultant pileup of 12,000 cu.ft. of unprocessed waste.
  • Loss of resources.
  • Breeding of vectors, contamination of ground water, emission of greenhouse gasses
  • Escape of Plastics into watercourses
  • Human-Wildlife Conflict
  • Litigation at the National Green Tribunal Level

Our Solid Waste Management Activities have safely disposed 12,000 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste, a savings of 5900 tons of CO2 emissions equivalent as of April 2024

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