The theme for this year is ‘Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience,’ a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems all around the world.

Keeping in tune with this year’s theme, a re-wilding programme was undertaken by the Cantonment Board, Station Headquarters, Madras Regimental Centre, and other units of the Wellington Cantonment. Brigadier S. K. Yadav presided, and in in his address, stressed upon the importance of joint efforts across different sections of the society for the success of such ventures. In addition to the army establishment and the cantonment board, students of ‘Laidlaw Memorial School and College, volunteers of NGOs, Be My Buddy, You Can Edu, and Clean Coonoor, also participated.

Honouring our Gardeners Tmt Selvakumari & Tmt. Manjula and our jack of all trades Thiru. Ramadevan, for making possible the achievement of being recognised thrice at the Annual Flower Show at Ooty. Their’s was the unenviable task of creating a lovely patch in the midst of the Waste Management Facility.

Creating the kind of climate that will bring about influence without threat.

An unexpected visit made by the Principal Secretary of Municipal Administration & Water Supply. He was much pleased and has assured all support vis-a-vis the sustainability of the project!

Celebrating Women’s Day at the TOHFA Weekly Organic Market at Ooty with The Earth Trust Nilgiris

Students from The Aalam Montessori School, Coimbatore interacting with the staff of the Waste Management Facility. Today’s exercise was different as the kids were asked to go about and find out what’s happening by themselves.

Contrary to all expectations, the main question was as to why people were sticking on to this sort of a job.

Seriously don’t know the answer, perhaps it’s some sort of esprit de corps. Perhaps not all Musketeers come with long capes and plumed hats.

Thank you Youth Conservation Action Network K Ramnath Chandrasekhar for bringing them.

“There is no room for race hatred here. Let that be our nationalism.”

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Wishing all a Meaningful Republic Day, and on this day, let’s strive and prevent the four pillars of the preamble of the constitution, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, from becoming mere platitudes!

Thanks to Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., the Resource Recovery Centre is now equipped with a State of Art No-Fuel Burner.

The New Year greets us like the Old, and we take this opportunity to Salute each and everyone in the Essential Services who gave up their ‘Today’; for our ‘Tomorrow.’

Team Clean Coonoor

Our Solid Waste Management Activities have safely disposed 12,000 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste, a savings of 5900 tons of CO2 emissions equivalent as of April 2024

Read more details about the economic, legal, and environmental impacts as of April 2024