Key Performance Indicators

The KPIs

Waste Handling is monitored daily through fourteen KPIs under the Operational KPIs Category. The types used here can be grouped under Process Performance Metrics, and Human Resource & Staffing.

They evaluate the quantity and quality of the incoming waste stream, the factors that influence performance, the performance, and the outcomes.

For more details about the individual KPIs listed please click on the gauges which are updated on a daily basis.

Dry Waste Handling

Unit Utilisation

Segregation Rate

Moisture Content

Handling Rate

Re-sorting Rate

Overall Productivity

Recovery Rate

Compostables in %

Wet Waste Composting

Waste Delivery

Unit Utilisation



The Confounders

As with all statistical exercises KPIs are affected by Confounding Variables that influence both the dependent variable and independent variable, causing a spurious association. A simple example is that of the re-sorting process which is totally independent of baling operations – but a breakdown of the concerned machinery will cause an apparent lowering of the sorting rate for the quantum re-sorted cannot be determined as only baled material can be conveniently weighed.

The viewer is requested to refer to the table listing out the various Confounders, before arriving at a decision as to whether the outcome is real or spurious

Dry Waste Handling

Wet Waste Composting

The data displayed is expressed by way of charts and percentages alone

Raw data (from 2020 for dry waste & from 2023 for wet waste) will be made available at request for academic, research and planning purposes only.

Those interested in obtaining raw data may write to us stating the purpose and agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The data will be used strictly for the said purpose for which the data has been asked for.
  2. The data will not be supplied to any governmental/non-governmental or public sector undertaking without the prior concurrence/fresh permission from the owner agency.
  3. The data will not be published in any form without the prior permission of the owner agency.
  4. The data shall not be used for commercial purpose.
  5. The data will not be put on Internet or NIC Net.
  6. Any inference drawn based on these data will be the sole responsibility of the Users and the Owner agency will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage in any form occurring due to the use of data.

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